Monday, 14 February 2011

A Year With MI6

To mark its centenary, Britain's Secret Intelligence Service MI6 offered artist James Hart Dyke a year's access to its seedy world. He had to sign the Official Secrets Act at MI6 Headquarters before being let loose ... er ... slightly loose with his canvases and brushes. His painting above Waiting in the Hotel Room (2010) shows what MI6 agents mainly do. Let's hope some of them tune in to Channel 4's Dispatches: Lessons In Hate and Violence this evening at 8pm to find out how Muslim extremists are radicalized. BBC News has posted a slide show of some of Dyke's paintings: CLICK. The exhibition A Year With MI6, showing 40 oil paintings and about 25 sketches and prints, opens tomorrow at Mount Street Galleries in London (title link).


At 14/2/11, Blogger Bixle said...

Wow, some of these are impressive. I don't normally get on with impressionistic stuff, but there's real talent here. Thanks for the tip. I've not been to the Mount Street gallery, but will give this a go.

At 15/2/11, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Hi, Bixie

Glad you like the look of this artist's work. He's also been with the troops in Afghanistan and followed 4 royal tours. So he needs to work fast. I suspect MI6 thought his impressionistic style would help to keep their secrets, but they still censored some of his work. If I recall correctly, his prices range from £900 to £29,000. There's no charge for brousing.


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