Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Save Welsh Badgers

On the left is the fathead who wants to kill badgers in Wales: Elin Jones AM, Rural Affairs Minister for Wales (CLICK). She claims to have reached her crass decision after a "full consideration of the matter”. Either she is a liar or a fool, as the weight of scientific evidence is contrary to her decision. It is manifest that farmers unknowingly spread bovine TB by moving infected cattle around the country. The sedentary badger is the farmers' innocent scapegoat. New restrictions on the movement of cattle are already proving this point. Last year, in the Court of Appeal, the Badger Trust won its case against Welsh Assembly Government plans for a trial cull, but this reprieve was due to a procedural failure by the Welsh Assembly, not to a review of the scientific evidence. The Badger Trust is now appealing to assembly members to oppose the cull of badgers in west Wales (CLICK). The big question is: Are assembly members as ignorant, prejudiced and stupid as Elin Jones? They vote tomorrow. If you are confused about this issue, it is because the BBC has fallen well short of its code of impartiality. CLICK for a blatant example of BBC propaganda against those who try to save Mr Brock.


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