Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Johnny Morant 2

It's almost exactly two years since I reported on Johnny Morant's first solo exhibition at The Tryon Galleries at 7 Bury Street, London (CLICK). He's back with his second solo show at Tryon (title link). Above is a panorama combining two of his paintings - Duke Street and Abandoned Bicycle - to show how he brilliantly captures fleeting light and reflections with oil paints. This is what Impressionism was supposed to be about. Johnny was recently awarded the Green & Stone Prize For Best Oil Painting at the Chelsea Art Society Annual Exhibition. He is now based in London and his latest paintings show both interiors and exteriors of the capital. Below is A Light Shower, Covent Garden, one of fifty of his paintings in the show. Johnny Morant - A Closer Look runs from 7 to 17 June. The current show at Tryon, which runs till 3 June, is also well worth visiting: Recent Acquisitions (CLICK). I noticed African Studies by Mandy Shepherd.


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