Monday, 22 August 2011

Goodbye Gaddafi

What began as peaceful anti-Gaddafi protests with patriotic face paintings (this one in Benghazi a few months ago) has become a popular revolution on the brink of success. Despite Western pundits proclaiming that Ramadan was a lousy time to forge ahead, the freedom fighters have entered Tripoli and latest reports suggest they have surrounded Colonel Gaddafi's compound, a fierce battle ensuing. Many of the citizens Gaddafi armed to defend Tripoli have turned out to be secret rebel supporters. Gaddafi's mercenaries have been shedding their uniforms, as mercenaries do when the paymaster looks unlikely to pay them. Two of Gaddafi's sons have been captured. Green Square has been taken and renamed Martyrs' Square. And, despite dire warnings from the Gaddafi regime about streets of blood, so far the conquest of Tripoli looks more civilized than the rioting and looting we saw in London two weeks ago.


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