Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Bercow Portrait

Parliament UK has unveiled Brendan Kelly's portrait of Commons Speaker John Bercow in action in the Commons chamber (detail shown). It cost £22,000 plus £15,000 for framing an heraldic painting designed for Mr Bercow (CLICK). The Taxpayers' Alliance is furious that our money has been wasted on boosting John Bercow's ego. The Speaker's boring job is to try to stop ex-public schoolboys in the Commons from yelling "Ya boo, sucks to you!" at one another. His irrepressible wife Sally is far more entertaining and her cheesy photo portrait by the Daily Sludge didn't cost taxpayers a penny. So I've combined the two images to compare them. Brendan Kelly's excellent painting is atmospheric and a good likeness, but £22,000 is a bit steep (title link). By the way, BBC, those "knives" on Bercow's coat of arms aren't knives. They are scimitars (Middle Eastern curved sabres) taken from the Essex coat of arms.
Update: I complained to the BBC News website about the word "knives" and it has been changed to "scimitars".


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