Friday, 16 December 2011

Gulnaz Update

This is 21-year-old Gulnaz and her young daughter who was born in prison. A fortnight ago I posted news of this story with a sarcastic speech bubble issuing from Afghan President Hamid Karzai (CLICK). Since her pardon for the heinous crime of "adultery by force" (being raped) she has been locked away in a women's shelter, which she finds worse than prison. Caroline Wyatt tracked her down for a BBC interview (CLICK). Gulnaz is as much a prisoner of Islamic misogynist culture as she was as a convicted criminal in jail. She doesn't want to marry her attacker, who is serving a 7-year prison sentence for raping her, but is prepared to do so for the sake of family honour. She demands her attacker pay her family a substantial dowry and find a wife for one of her brothers. She has been warned that her brothers may kill her to regain family honour, but believes they are good men, a naive view when statistics released by UK police for 2009 reveal 2,823 honour attacks on women, 500 in London (CLICK). Immigrants bring their bad habits with them.


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