Saturday, 7 January 2012

Criminal Mischief

Meet Carmen Tisch, 36. Or perhaps you'd prefer not to. She looks like an old-fashioned hippy having a mid-life crisis. She is accused of damaging a painting in the newly opened Clyfford Still Museum in Denver, USA, on 29 December 2011, allegedly punching and scratching it before dropping her knickers and sliding her bum down it (title link). Investigators are still wondering why she acted in this way. I would have thought it was obvious. The painting she attacked was a load of abstract expressionist rubbish - Clyfford Still's 1957-J-No. 2 - worth an estimated $30m to $40m. It's too horrible to post on my blog. The money raised by selling it could feed thousands of starving African children. Still, that's no excuse for "criminal mischief". Tisch, tisch.


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