Wednesday, 21 March 2012

'New' Van Gogh

On the left is Van Gogh's Still Life With Meadow Flowers and Roses, which was deemed too uncharacteristic to be one of his paintings. However, when it was subjected to X-ray examination the painting of half naked Wrestlers above was discovered beneath the floral work. This also looks too good to be by Van Gogh, but a letter he wrote to his brother remarks how pleased he was with his painting of wrestlers. Its style is typical of the Antwerp academy at that time. Pigments and brushstrokes also point to Van Gogh. Now authenticated, the floral painting has been hung in the Van Gogh section of the Kroeller-Mueller museum in Otterlo for the first time. So why did Van Gogh overpaint his wrestlers? No buyer? Too gay-looking? Needed a canvas? Click the title link for details.


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