Saturday, 31 March 2012

Observation Point

Continuing its policy of trying to bamboozle the Proletariat into thinking that rubbish is art, today the Camden Arts Centre in London opened Zoe Leonard: Observation Point (title link). Gallery 1 is full of Zoe's lousy photos of the sun. Gallery 2 boasts a "sculptural installation" thingy of "found images". Gallery 3 is transformed into a Camera Obscura Installation and yes, that does give you an upside down image. Why on earth should Camden import this pretentious tripe peddler from New York? Even its free admission couldn't drag me to the show. It is high time Camden Council stopped wasting ratepayers' money on its so-called Arts Centre and spent it on something useful, like persuading its foreign residents to abandon circumcising their girls (and boys; let's not be sexist about this).


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