Tuesday, 12 June 2012

George Bellows

BBC News has published a slide show of artworks by that great American artist George Bellows (CLICK). Why should Auntie choose this subject when the exhibition just opened at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC (CLICK)? Answer: it's one of those big international shows jointly organised by major galleries, and the BBC's spy at the Royal Academy of Arts in London passed on the good news that this show will be coming to the RA in March 2013. It moves to The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York on 15 November 2012, then comes to London. This is a major retrospective of George Bellows' art - the first in 30 years -, comprising 130 paintings, lithographs and drawings of subjects ranging from powerful depictions of bare-knuckle boxing matches to skinny slum kids in New York. Above is Bellows' Portrait of Paddy Flannigan. In 2011 the National Gallery in London showed seven of Bellows' works in its show George Bellows and the Ashcan Painters (CLICK).


At 12/6/12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great honesty in his work. Although, why the BBC should bother with it so soon and then again next year, is silly. So what if they have a spy; it'll be news again next March.

At 12/6/12, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

The "spy" was my little joke. These big websites send out press releases. It showed me what I needed to track down. I might not have noticed the RA otherwise.


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