Sunday, 17 June 2012

Photo Prize Update

In case you're wondering who won the Renaissance Photography Prize 2012, which I previewed 12 days ago (CLICK), it was Anastasia Taylor-Lind (UK) with the above photo from The Series The National Womb: Baby Boom In Nagorno Karabakh. CLICK to view all the winners in a range of categories. Clicking on photos expands them (slowly). Find NEXT on the top, right corner. You can order prints online. My favourite in the Disorientation category is at the bottom of the webpage: Fem!nist#4 by Catrine Val (Germany). Love that blonde in her Marigold gloves confronted by horrible German sausages! Very Freudian.


At 17/6/12, Anonymous James Flynn said...

An interesting choice, I wouldn't really pick this out as the winner though, it doesn't strike me as a natural shot.

At 18/6/12, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Hi, James

The category for the winning photo was Disorientation, so it didn't have to look natural. But I agree such a carefully composed picture is rather boring. I much preferred the German entry I mentioned.


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