Thursday, 14 June 2012

Rolf Harris OA

Rolf Harris collects honours like other people collect postage stamps. First he got an MBE, then an OBE, then a CBE (Member, Officer, Commander, of the Order of the British Empire). He has also been appointed a Member of the Order of Australia (AM). Now, in the Queen's Birthday Honours List 2012, he has been made an Officer of the Order of Australia (CLICK). I wonder, is that OA or OOA? I've guessed OA. In case you're a bit sniffy about Rolf's art, take note that the Qatari royal family paid $56 million at auction for this Rolfaroo cartoon (1974). As Britain no longer has an empire, shouldn't our honours be renamed Order of the Commonwealth? That would be more suitable.


At 14/6/12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done Rolf! You deserve it. That cartoon is great. Mind you, a Knighthood wouldn't go a miss. He's worth it. Let's start a campaign now.

At 14/6/12, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Aussies don't get knighthoods. Knighthoods are mainly given to British bankers who rip off the punters.


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