Saturday, 21 July 2012

Fortress London

The more Lord Coe and our incompetent Home Secretary Theresa May try to reassure us that the Olympic Games will be "safe and secure", the more worried I become. The tragic events in Colorado and Bulgaria this week demonstrate that it takes only one fruitcake to create mayhem. But it's the threat of Islamic lunatics staging a 9/11-style attack on London during Ramadan which seems to worry Government. With Army Rapier missiles ringing the capital, Typhoon jets stationed at RAF Northolt, the Royal Navy's largest warship HMS Ocean docked in the Thames and the RAF threatening to use "lethal force" against any intruder over the Olympic Park, I can't help wondering who's bluffing whom. Any use of weapons such as Rapier missiles in our overcrowded city would cause huge loss of life far beyond that of shooting down a hijacked jumbo jet. It might even cause May and Coe to admit there's a problem! Welcome to Fortress London, foreign Olympians. The sooner you all go back home the better. Forget your sporting ethos. You're here to make a fortune for McDonald's and keep fat British couch potatoes snacking in front of the TV.


At 21/7/12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is supposed to be a showcase for British talent, ingenuity and most of all, showing off the country. Goodness knows what the rest of the world thinks. It's a shambles; however, at least there's one thing we can rely on, the good old lousy British weather.

At 21/7/12, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

The weather forecast is hot and sunny for the first week. Oh for a smiley face.


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