Sunday, 22 July 2012


If you were a multi-millionaire, would you waste £500,000 on a barge full of rocks from the Svalbard Archipelago being tugged around the southwestern British coast accompanied on land by a coach carrying propaganda? That's what the Arts Council has done. This floating "sculpture" is another of those insane "art" projects ACE commissioned for the Cultural Olympiad. Nowhereisland (2012) is the fevered brainchild of purported artist Alex Hartley. Amazingly, over 8,000 idiots have already signed up for a piece of Nowhereisland. Its official unveiling is at Weymouth on 25 July (CLICK).


At 23/7/12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Clearly your appetite for previewing art exhibitions in London and reports on anything of special interest in the visual arts worldwide, from ice sculpture to body painting is more in keeping with the latter. Sorry, no body painting. But I hear there is a big stick with which to bash luddite daily mail readers over the head.

At 23/7/12, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Eh? I've posted only one body painting this year. What's the Daily Mail been up to, slanging off that £500,000 load of rock? Good for The Mail. That's taxpayers' money being wasted.


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