Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Jim'll Fix It

The BBC TV boast JIM FIXED IT FOR ME has taken on a sinister new meaning in the last few weeks, with hundreds of allegations of sexual predation on children from teenage girls to a then 9-year-old cub scout (CLICK). Jim certainly fixed it for newly appointed BBC Director General George Entwistle to face hostile questioning from the Commons Culture Committee yesterday over the BBC's role in the Jimmy Savile scandal (CLICK). In particular, why did Entwistle as Director of Vision ignore the warning about a Newsnight investigation into Savile and go ahead with his own Christmas celebration of the narcissistic creep? His attempts to blame the Newsnight producer and the general culture at the BBC were pathetic. If he wants to regain public trust in the BBC, the first thing he must do is resign.


At 25/10/12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's our BBC. He should step down. He's not worthy of the job.

At 25/10/12, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Just because we pay a licence fee doesn't make the BBC ours. We're merely subscribing to the service. But I agree the clot should resign.


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