Friday, 28 December 2012

A Feast of Murillo

Murillo is flavour of the month this coming February. Not only will the Dulwich Picture Gallery be showing Murillo & Justino de Neve, but also The Wallace Collection in London will be showing Murillo at the Wallace Collection: Paintings of the Spanish Golden Age from 6 February to 12 May, admission free (CLICK). Murillo has always been one of my favourite artists and his Flower Girl one of my favourite paintings, but why is he suddenly springing up all over London? Answer: generations of pig-ignorant art critics following fashion gave him the raspberry, but the latest art pundits have suddenly discovered how good he was! The Wallace Collection has an extensive group of Murillo's religious paintings, to which it will be adding an important loan. Shown is Murillo's The Adoration of The Shepherds (c. 1665-1670). You might like to know that The Wallace collection is one of a handful of museums and galleries in London that will be open on New Year's Day. Its current show is Journeys East: A Discovery of Hidden Treasures (CLICK).


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