Sunday, 16 December 2012

RA Gift To HM

I've been trying to ignore the Royal Academy of Arts' pretentious gift of 97 works on paper by Royal Academicians to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in celebration of her Diamond Jubilee, because the current crop of junk-peddling Academicians encapsulates what's wrong with British art today. I would be embarrassed - and impoverished - to own any works by Tracey Emin RA, Grayson Perry RA, Anish Kapoor RA, Gillian Wearing RA or Cornelia Parker RA. Don't expect me to go through the whole list. Look at this doodle Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee 2012 by David Hockney RA, one of the 97 works gifted to Her Majesty. It's an insult. Remember, the Royal Collection houses many of the finest works by the world's greatest artists, including drawings by Leonardo da Vinci. How well does this tripe fit in with such masters? You'll get your chance to see when the 97 go on display next Autumn (CLICK). One to miss, in my estimation.


At 14/3/14, Blogger handel21 said...

I fully agree. With a handful of exceptions, the work is banal and dull. If I were the Queen I would feel insulted by this 'gift'. Some of the work is so mediocre I wondered if some of the artists were anti- monarchy, and making a less than subtle point! If this is supposed to represent some of the best of 21st century art then heaven help us.

At 15/3/14, Blogger Ian Cox said...

Absolutely. I'm glad you agree.


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