Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Maine Mural Update

Since 2011 I've been following the saga of Judy Taylor's excellent 11-panelled Labor Mural, which Maine Governor Paul LePage ordered to be removed from the lobby of the Labor Department building in Augusta and hidden away (CLICK, CLICK, CLICK). I'm showing the panel depicting Child Labor. It is obviously far too left wing for LePage's idea of promoting capitalism. Noses to the grindstone, workers! The removal of the mural caused a storm of protest to burst around LePage's ears. He was twice taken to federal court, but to no avail. The good news is that the mural went back on public display yesterday, thanks to the intervention of Maine State Museum Director Bernard Fishman. He emailed LePage offering to hang the $60,000 mural in his building. The Department of Labor maintains ownership of the mural, which is now on a renewable three-year loan to the Maine State Museum. CLICK for further details and a photo of the newly installed mural.


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