Thursday, 21 February 2013

East End Faces

On 23 February the recently refurbished William Morris Gallery in Lloyd Park, Walthamstow, will open its new free exhibition David Bailey's East End Faces (CLICK). Bailey was born in Leytonstone and raised in East Ham. The show includes previously unseen pictures from the 1960s, including the Kray Twins with a pet snake! Children left school at 15 in those days and they had to go out to work. Bailey's photo above shows a Boy Worker in Bethnal Green in 1961. CLICK for a Telegraph slide show.


At 21/2/13, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you sure Coxsoft they went out to work at 14? My Dad went to a secondary modern and he left at 15. The photo is great and captures the mood of the East End superbly.

At 21/2/13, Blogger Unknown said...

You're right. I checked the acts. The 1944 Education Act raised the school-leaving age to 15. The 1973 Education Act raised the school-leaving age to 16. So I guess this kid is a Saturday worker (cash in hand). I'll change my post.


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