Monday, 18 March 2013

Art Madhouse

Does it often occur to you that the lunatics have taken over the asylum? I'm not talking religion or politics. I'm talking about what passes for art in today's version of the Dark Ages. ArtDaily has posted an article on the peculiar needs of modern art restoration (CLICK). Its prime example is Chris Ofili's Blossom (1997) made of elephant dung on canvas. When a lump of dung fell off Blossom, the restorer had to collect another lump of dung from London Zoo, where Nigerian-born Ofili obtains his dung. Only the right dung will do! It then had to be taken to Denmark, where lives the lunatic modern-furniture magnate who paid a fortune for this crap. Replacement dung having been inserted into Blossom at vast expense, the magnate perks up. His masterpiece of modern art is whole again and worth its weight in gold!


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