Monday, 25 March 2013

Peng Liyuan

China's first lady, President Xi Jinping's wife Peng Liyuan, has emerged upon the world stage during hubby's visit to Russia. A popular singer of patriotic Chinese ditties, big on Chinese TV, she charmed ex-KGB narcissist President Putin, not a bad trick (CLICK). It is rare for Chinese leaders' wives to grab the limelight. This early video shows Peng Liyuan singing The Sea Wind Makes You Sad. Click the bottom right corner to expand the video, ESC to return.


At 27/3/13, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Should we pick her to represent us in the Eurovision Song Contest?

At 27/3/13, Blogger Unknown said...

She has a more powerful voice than most of the deadbeats who appear on that ghastly show, but she's too busy being China's First Lady.


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