Sunday, 3 March 2013

Tyranny of Hair

Recent photos of Anne Hathaway at the BAFTAs (left) and the Oscars (right), holding her awards for Best Supporting Actress as Fantine in Les Miserables (2012), show how beautiful she looks with her new short hairstyle. It makes me wonder why so many women tolerate the tyranny of long hair. It gets in the way, blows over the face in the mildest breeze, needs tying up, pinning up, braiding, crimping, straightening, perming, backcombing, blow waving, cries out for conditioner, invariably has split ends and dips in the soup if a woman isn't careful. So why tolerate it? To have something for shy girls to hide behind? To create an artificial mystique of femininity? To avoid looking butch? Ladies, you should be so lucky as to look as butch as Anne Hathaway! (CLICK for the list of awards won by the movie.)


At 4/3/13, Blogger jane said...

Erm, have you ever had long hair? Specifically, wavy long hair that when it is cut any shorter that chin length suddenly becomes a wild mass of stuff that tangles and felts and falls into eyes if longer than an inch and takes forever to dry?

(Oh, and Anne does look lovely)

At 4/3/13, Blogger Unknown said...

Hi, Jane

No, I've never had long hair. It was a freezing short-back-and-sides when I was a boy. If it grows over my ears it tickles. That's why I can't understand women putting up with long hair, let alone men. Yours sounds as if it needs to be long to weigh it down or cropped to keep it under control. No half measures. Do you trust your hairdresser?


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