Saturday, 30 March 2013

Venus and Mars 2

Back in 2010 I reported on Spaghetti PM Silvio "Papi" Berlusconi's restoration of Venus and Mars at a cost of 70,000 Euro thingies, while it was on loan to the Palazzo Chigi (CLICK). Mars was given a replacement penis, shield, hand and the point of his sword, while Venus was given two new hands. Restoration or cultural vandalism? Since then, the statue has been returned to the Museo nazionale delle Terme (Baths Museum). The good news for purists and prudes alike is that Mars has been emasculated yet again! Is this a symbolic emasculation of ex-PM stud "Papi" or merely a return to the status quo of 1918, when the ancient statue was unearthed? All of the 2010 restorations have now been successfully removed (CLICK).


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