Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Christine Keeler

The National Portrait Gallery in London is celebrating Scandal ’63: The Fiftieth Anniversary of the Profumo Affair (CLICK). Beautiful model and nightclub hostess Christine Keeler made chumps out of John Profumo, the then Secretary of State for War, and Yevgeny Ivanov, the then senior Russian naval attaché. Cold War paranoia blew these two affairs off the Richter Scale. What a laugh! The display runs in Room 32 until 15 September. CLICK for Lewis Morley's nude photoshoot of Ms Keeler.


At 1/5/13, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It helped kill off the McMillan government.

At 1/5/13, Blogger Ian Cox said...

The "You've Never Had It So Good" government!


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