Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Evil in Hong Kong

Despite all their guff about anti-consumerism, brothers Jake and Dinos Chapman - much loved by the Brit. Anti-art Establishment - are following the money around. They tried their hand in Russia, got the raspberry and vowed never to return. Now they've unveiled their latest show in White Cube's gallery in Hong Kong to coincide with Art Basel opening a Hong Kong fair, which Jake Chapman hypocritically dismissed as a "shop". The big European auction houses are already there. Yes, it's all move to grab a fistful of yen or whatever currency the Chinese use. The Chapman brothers' diabolical tosh The Sum of all Evil features skeletons, Nazi soldiers and crucified Ronald McDonalds (CLICK). So far the most popular modern "art" to have sailed into Hong Kong is Florentijn Hofman's inflatable Rubber Duck, which has been floating round Victoria Harbour and brought the tourists flocking to see it and buy little replicas (CLICK).


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