Saturday, 29 June 2013

3D Tiger

Those fun-loving South Korean artists who have been wowing them in China with 3D paintings that seem to come alive have made it to Europe. The exhibition "Du bist die Kunst!" (You are the Art!) has opened in the Augustusburg Palace in Augustusburg, near Chemnitz, in eastern Germany (CLICK). Here we see Justin petting a 3D Tiger (2013). Children love posing with these interactive artworks for snap-happy parents. CLICK for a BBC video of one of last year's shows in China. CLICK for The Magic Art Special Exhibition. Of course there's nothing new about artists trying to deceive the eye. The French call it "trompe-l’œil". CLICK to see Pere Borell del Caso's Escaping Criticism (1874).


At 30/6/13, Blogger A. Sim said...

Love the 3D art. When's our turn?

At 1/7/13, Blogger Ian Cox said...

How should I know? I don't speak Korean.


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