Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Aviation Paintings

Yesterday the Guild of Aviation Artists (GAVA) opened its annual Aviation Paintings of the Year exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London (CLICK). This is the world’s largest exhibition of aviation art, with top professionals and gifted amateurs showing paintings depicting early flight to the present day. Shown is Patricia Forrest's Fortress Malta, A 70-year Tribute (2012). Not only is this a terrific painting, but also it recalls the George Cross Island's contribution to the war effort (CLICK). My father served as a bombardier in Malta for most of WWII, manning a Bofors anti-aircraft gun, one of a battery trying to protect Ta Kali Aerodrome from Junkers Ju 88 bombers and Stuka dive-bombers. The exhibition runs until 28 July, admission free. To view more great aviation art, visit the GAVA website: CLICK.


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