Saturday, 20 July 2013

Wanstead Flats Fire

I don't know whether BBC reporters are too young or too foreign to know their facts, but they certainly aren't worth their overblown salaries. Here's an example. Two grass fires broke out on Wanstead Flats yesterday and the BBC flew a helicopter over the main fire to film it (CLICK). BBC reporters and the BBC website managed to report on the fires without ever mentioning Wanstead Flats or the London Borough of Redbridge! I quote: "Wanstead Flats is the southern-most portion of Epping Forest in eastern London. It falls within the boundary of the London Borough of Redbridge" (CLICK). It took seconds for me to find Wanstead Flats on Wikipedia, but then I knew what I was seeking; the BBC didn't. It correctly reported that the main fire was on the Leytonstone side of the Flats, but gave the erronious impression that it was Epping Forest on fire. Heading north, there is more grassland, with thickets of gorse and broom, and Queen Elizabeth's Hunting Lodge before you enter Epping Forest proper. In fact the Lodge is known as "Epping Forest Gateway" (CLICK). The Flats and the Forest are run by The City of London Corporation.


At 20/7/13, Blogger Barkingside 21 said...

And Barkingside gets its name from Barking Side ie the Barking [Abbey] side of Epping Forest.

BTW weren't you one of those complaining about CAPTCHA on the B21 blog?

At 20/7/13, Blogger Stanley Workman said...

At 20/7/13, Blogger Ian Cox said...

Which is why the Redridge logo used to be an archer and a num. Now it's a cannabis leaf!

Yes, I did complain about CAPTCHA on B21. I don't use CAPTCHA, but I suppose it depends whether Blogger knows you or not. It knows me. Smirk.

At 20/7/13, Blogger Ian Cox said...

Hi, Prof.

I hope you're not suggesting these fires were started by somebody with a fire fetish.

At 21/7/13, Blogger Barkingside 21 said...

You DO use CAPTCHA! It is switched on on your blog! Go have a look!
It's called "word verification" under settings > posts and comments.
CAPTCHA is not activated for the Blog owner or any other authorised authors or Admins.
It only applies to "visitors" whether they are logged in to Blogger, Google etc or not.

At 21/7/13, Blogger Ian Cox said...

Thanks, B21. It was switched off. Google has been doing a lot of funny things to Blogger lately. I can no longer upload pictures in HTML mode. The HTML commands like bold, back and italics are all squashed together, so I need to be very careful what I click on. Worst of all, I now need Google activated on my browser in order to highlight anything for cutting or copying or highlighting. I'm getting fed up with it all. I keep complaining, but get no reply. I'll check out my settings and see what else has changed.

At 27/7/13, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eeer a bit embarrassing for you really. Wanstead Flats were not on fire! Wanstead Flats are situated near Alderbrook. The fire was located near the Hollow Ponds by Whipps Cross Road. This piece of land is called Epping Forest, so The BBC were correct (please see Google Maps for land names) I think you'll find you are the one who is in the wrong.

At 27/7/13, Blogger Ian Cox said...

Not embarrassing at all. What the hell does Google maps know? It's a Yankee firm with no idea of local history. I used to live down Eagle Lane, Redbridge, years ago, behind the Eagle Pub, near Eagle Pond. There were two fires that day. The first, the smaller one, was near Eagle Pond. The second was the Leytonstone side. Locals never refer to it as Epping Forest. It is always called Wanstead Flats, to distinguish it from the forest proper, which is miles away, beyond Chingford Plain. I've visited all of these areas. Try reading the links in my blog. The whole area is run by the City of London (see the link). It wasn't I who got it wrong, but the BBC, because it lacks local knowledge.


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