Monday, 29 July 2013

Camden Tosh

Yesterday I mentioned the "highfalutin gobbledygook" dished out by art galleries to bamboozle the punters (scroll down or CLICK). Here's a perfect example from the Camden Arts Centre in London.

"Emma Hart does not make art that tries to make sense of the world. Rejecting the contemplative environment of the gallery space, she makes work that captures the confusion, stress and nausea of everyday experience. For Hart, there is a divide between the overwhelming chaos of reality and the way the video or photograph smoothes (sic) it out. Central to her work is a determined frustration with the limits and restrictions of the lens. Through sculpture she corrupts digital images and spatially infects videos, ‘dirtying’ the images and squeezing more life out of them. Hart’s unexpected meshing of materials results in work that is raw, detailed and fractured."

In short, crap. This blurb is Camden Arts Centre's way of introducing us to Emma Hart's latest show Dirty Looks, which opened recently. It limps alongside a worthless retrospective of Swede Jockum Nordstrom's tosh: All I Have Learned and Forgotten Again. Shown is a detail from his Barndomens Definitiva Slut/The Final End of Childhood (2001). Entry to both shows is free and needs to be (CLICK). Guess what, folks, the Camden Arts Centre is supported by Arts Council England. This is how it wastes our taxes.


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