Saturday, 31 August 2013

Man Of Steel

Ed Miliband, Man of Steel.
I think Ed Miliband came out of Thursday's vote looking worse than PM David Cameron. At first he supported the PM's gung-ho stance, then he changed his mind and ordered his MP's to vote against the government. Since then the Man of Steel has been trying to rationalise his treachery. I did the "right thing by the British people" he claims. "I don't think the conduct of British foreign policy is about saying we always do what the United States thinks we should do" (CLICK). The clueless clot has missed the point entirely. Rightly or wrongly, Cameron has been pushing President Obama to act on Syria. As soon as Cameron succeeded, Miliband pulled the rug from under Cameron's feet. Nice one for the "special relationship", Ed. The Yanks will love you, if you ever get into No. 10. Dr Rola from Hand In Hand For Syria, the doctor who treated children burned with napalm when a playground was bombed by a Syrian jet fighter, has invited Ed Miliband to come to Syria to learn what the Syrian people are suffering (CLICK). Go on, Ed. You're not doing anything useful here.


At 1/9/13, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great post. He looks useless as a PM in the waiting. Won't be voting for him. I hope he goes there and then he can see what Cameron was trying to fight. Whether or not Cameron was right, at least he stuck to his principles and was trying to help the Syrian people. Ed Miliband, I really hope that he never becomes Prime Minister. He looks like wants to become Prime Minister for himself and not for others.

At 1/9/13, Blogger Ian Cox said...

And he wasn't at the investiture of the new Chief Rabbi either. Tut, tut. Prince Charles was there, doing his interfaith thing.

At 2/9/13, Blogger Ian Cox said...

Correction: Labour leader Ed Miliband did attend the installation of the new Chief Rabbi in London, but the cameras were all for Prince Charles wearing his Prince of Wales skull cap with triple feathers.


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