Monday, 16 September 2013


I previewed the forthcoming LAPADA Art & Antiques Fair back in August (CLICK), but lacked a graphic of any item in the fair, so I had to settle for a photo from last year. Sunday's ArtDaily provided this miniature captioned "Plimer Pringle. Photo: Courtesy of Philip Mould", who will be displaying at least 50 miniatures at the fair (CLICK). Plimer Pringle? Sounds like a carton of crisps. Time to hit Google search! The artist was Andrew Plimer (British 1763-1837). The subject is General Sir William Henry Pringle, who was killed at the Battle of Salamanca in 1812. Bonhams auctioned this miniature for £8,640 including premium in 2005. More than 17,000 visitors from around the world attended last year's fair, despite the heavy admission price, because members of LAPADA (The Association of Art & Antique Dealers) know their onions and won't sell you a dud. All the items are vetted by experts. Prices start at £500.


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