Friday, 18 October 2013

Banksy's Ronald

The photo shows a live shoeshine boy polishing the boots of a fibreglass replica of Ronald McDonald outside a McDonald's joint in South Bronx last Thursday. Banksy has promised the same event at lunchtime outside random McDonalds in New York City for the subsequent week (CLICK). I'm still wondering how the NYPD are coping with this threat. Will there be an armed stakeout at every McDonalds throughout the city? How many McDonalds are there? will screeching police sirens announce the latest polishing? Will the fuzz confiscate the fibreglass Ronald? Will they arrest the shoeshine boy and give him the rubber-hose treatment if he fails to disclose the real name of Banksy and his location? Or will they try the more subtle approach and park plainclothes detectives in unmarked cars to trail the van that comes to collect Ronald? Better still, bug the replica Ronald with a tracking device to locate his hiding place.


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