Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Turner Prize Piddler

The Turner Prize exhibition opened today at a former Army barracks at Ebrington, Derry, Londonderry, Northern Ireland, the first time it has been staged outside England. And good riddance, you might say. It makes a joke of Derry's being the UK City of Culture 2013. City of Unculture? Shown is David Shrigley's Life Model 2012, an installation thingy with a pathetic nude manikin piddling into a bucket. Visitors are invited to draw the piddler, as though this were a real life class. It has already caused outrage, with school visits shunning it (CLICK). What did they expect? Art?


At 24/10/13, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apparently some local schools have refused to allow their 15 year old boys to see that particular room - citing "child protection issues".

That really does show up the prudish attitudes that still exist in the British Isles. In that respect the work should be applauded.

All it needs now is Father Ted and Dougie - and Father Jack would undoubtedly supply a suitable epithet.

On the serious side it appears that the public can use the easels to do a Life drawing. The suggestion is that few draw what they see - but instead produce a more proportional representation.

At 25/10/13, Blogger Ian Cox said...

Did you see the video made by the BBC of the Turner Prize nominees? Auntie still lives in the Victorian age, carefully avoiding a full frontal. In fact I had to hunt around to find a small full frontal. That's why the photo isn't up to my usual quality.


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