Thursday, 24 October 2013

Warts And All

British-born Samuel Cooper (1609-1672) was our first truly international artist, collected across Europe. His reputation as a "limner" was such that not only did he serve as painter to Charles I and Charles II, but also to Oliver Cromwell, the Protector! The exhibition title Warts And All: The Portrait Miniatures of Samuel Cooper (1609-1672) derives from Cromwell, who instructed the artist to paint him "warts and all". Philip Mould & Co will open this not-to-be-missed loan exhibition of Cooper's miniatures at 29 Dover Street, London, on 13 November. This is the first exhibition of Cooper's work since 1974 and features over 65 portrait miniatures borrowed from the Royal Collection, the V&A, the Ashmolean, other national museums and leading private collections. There are also rare drawings (CLICK).


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