Thursday, 19 December 2013

Christmas Overkill

Is it my imagination or are the main TV channels inflicting a Christmas Overkill on us? I can't recall the approach to Christmas being so full of festive specials. It isn't just the commercial channels trying to flog us everything from overpriced kids toys to vomit-making party foods. It's the BBC too. This evening BBC Two has on offer The Hairy Bikers Christmas Party, Alex Pilizzi's Perfect Christmas (shown) and The 12 Drinks of Christmas, while, as an alternative, BBC One has a nativity repeat of Mrs Brown's Boys and The Royle Family Christmas Special. I don't want to view any of this crap. As for all those celebrity chefs the BBC employs to tell us how to stuff our Christmas turkey, they can get stuffed too. Give us a break, Auntie.


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