Friday 30 May 2014

Van Dyck For Sale

Father Jamie MacLeod bought this Portrait Sketch by Sir Anthony van Dyck from an antiques shop for £400 twelve years ago. The frame was labelled Sir A. Van Dyck, but the dealer obviously didn't believe it or he wouldn't have sold the work for such a piddling price. More recently Father MacLeod took the painting along to the BBC's Antiques Roadshow, where it was spotted by presenter Fiona Bruce, who also presents Fake Or Fortune? She thought the painting looked genuine and called in art expert Philip Mould to look at it. After the painting was cleaned, Van Dyck authority Dr Christopher Brown verified it was genuine. It is believed to be a preparatory portrait sketch for The Magistrates of Brussels, a major work which was destroyed by a French attack in 1695. Christie's London will put the sketch on display from 5 to 8 July prior to auction, with an estimated value of £500,000 (CLICK).


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