Wednesday 16 July 2014

Cabinet Shuffle

On Saturday I delved into Cameron's crumpet to help him select his new girlie team (CLICK). One of the three I chose was Theresa Villiers, because she's keen to preserve the Green Belt around London. Another of the three I selected was Justine Greening, whose low expenses and vocal opposition to a third runway at Heathrow won my vote. Surprise, surprise! They're already in David's team. Villiers is Northern Ireland Secretary and Greening is International Development Secretary. Both are Cabinet positions (CLICK). I suppose Chloe Smith, my third choice, is a bit young at 27. Of course the newspaper photographers who were camped outside No. 10 to snap the winners and losers couldn't resist Esther McVey's flash of thigh as she went sailing in. She made the front pages of most of the dailies. The new position for this dyed blonde? Minister of State for Employment. Woe betide any female who isn't prepared to dye her hair blonde and flash a thigh to get a job!


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