Sunday 24 August 2014

Demolition Art

Yesterday crowds thronged to watch the demolition of the Wellington Hotel Annex in New York. Since the advent of videos on the Internet, I guess most of us have viewed explosive (or implosive) demolitions of major buildings and admired the technical skill that allows a building to be dropped onto its foundations without a loose brick flying off to damage neighbouring structures. But this demolition raises it to an art form. A combination of real fireworks by Grucci Fireworks of Long Island and the dynamite and careful preparation of Controlled Demolition Inc (CDI) created an awe-inspiring spectacle for the crowds to gasp at. CLICK for the BBC News video or, if that doesn't work outside the UK, CLICK for Albany News and expand the video. By the way, the J & J stands for the project developer Joe Nicolla and his wife Jessica.


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