Friday, 22 August 2014

Jihadi John

British newspapers are obsessed with tracking down James Foley's sadistic murderer, whom they've nicknamed "Jihadi John" (CLICK). As usual, they are clueless. So are our leaders. Infidels are fair game under Sharia Law. Remember the case of Meriam Ibrahim, sentenced to 100 lashes and death by hanging by a Sudanese Sharia court for apostasy (CLICK). She was lucky to escape. Did you know that there are seven countries in the world that can behead you for being an atheist, because disbelieving in Allah is considered blasphemous? All these countries follow Sharia Law. They are Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Sudan, the West African state of Mauritania and the Maldives (CLICK). All "good" Muslims are supposed to follow this medieval system of cruelty and injustice, because Sharia is considered the infallible law of Allah. Nothing to do with us? Sharia Law is already being practised in Great Britain. This year The Law Society issued ground-breaking instructions to solicitors on how to implement bigoted Sharia Law when writing wills for Muslims (CLICK). So PM David Cameron's notion of trying to bribe Muslims to finger lunatics like "Jihadi John" is doomed.


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