Monday, 25 May 2015

The Line

Why do the powers-that-be insist on inflicting crap sculptures on public spaces? The latest load of rubbish is The Line, a series of dreadful sculptures on a new walk linking The O2 and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. You need only glance at the list of "sculptors" below to imagine how bad it will be. Shown is Damien Hirst's Sensation, now on Cody Dock (CLICK).
Work No.700 by Martin Creed
DNA DL90 by Abigail Fallis
Sensation by Damien Hirst
Liberty Grip by Gary Hume
Vulcan by Sir Eduardo Paolozzi
Network by Thomas J Price
Consolidator #654321 by Sterling Ruby
Here by Thomson & Craighead
Untitled (The Thing) by Piotr Uklanski


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