Friday, 25 September 2015

Gold Leaf Vagina

Has Anish Kapoor completely lost the plot? His Queen's Vagina has been vandalised three times since he inflicted it on the Palace of-Versailles. Some of the graffiti was anti-Semitic. Kapoor wanted to keep it. So he hotfooted himself along to petitiion French president Francois Hollande to allow the graffiti to stay (CLICK). However a local government official objected - anti-Semitic graffiti is illegal in France - and a judge ruled that the graffiti must be removed. Kapoor is now fighting the judge's decision. Meanwhile a team from Kapoor's art studio has laid gold leaf inside the Queen's Vagina (CLICK). What a farce! Dismantle it, Kapoor. It's rubbish.


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