Monday 4 December 2006

Finding Fan Gogh

I.C. - Big Barc (2006)This must be the silliest art competition of the decade. Barclays and Arts Council England have launched a nationwide art competition for football fans: Barclays Finding Fan Gogh (sic). Groan! The winner gets £10,000, five runners-up collect £1,000 each. Entries must be no bigger than A4 (210mm x 296mm) and no smaller than a postcard (139mm x 107mm). Send your jokes to Barclays Finding Fan Gogh, PO BOX 5634, London W1A 6AS. Anti-Arts Council England will love 'em all, the worse the better.


At 4/12/06, Blogger weggis said...

Great shorts!

At 4/12/06, Blogger Unknown said...

Just for you! Thanks for the story. You're the only person I know who could have found it.

At 5/12/06, Blogger weggis said...

Er, I've just noticed that you've also changed the "shirt Badge".

Now I know you're not into football so won't know about the B's [Brentwood], the O's [Leyton Orient] or the C's [Manchester United]etc. so what is your meaning of B?

At 5/12/06, Blogger Unknown said...

Well spotted!
It's the Big B for Barclays Bank. They run football, you know.

At 5/12/06, Blogger weggis said...

No! They are Bankers.
Careful how you say that.

At 5/12/06, Blogger Unknown said...

Mm...they are major sponsers, although I don't see why they're needed. Isn't the game rich enough as it is?


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