Thursday 30 November 2006

Banksy at Santa's Ghetto

UK "guerrilla" artist Banksy is in the news twice today! How's that for fame? Firstly, thieves tried to steal a metal door painted with his Liverpool Love Rat, which shows a rat carrying a pot of paint and a red heart. A cleaner disturbed the thieves and they ran away empty handed. (Click the title link.) Secondly, his latest artwork, which can be found at Santa's Ghetto until 23 December, looks like a traditional Christmas card, but closer inspection suggests it depicts "pop singer Michael Jackson luring children into his house with Christmas sweets" (Metro)! Coxsoft Art can't see that at all. No. No. It's a charming Christmas card showing a very kindly person offering a nice pressie to kiddies. Click HERE for the defamatory Metro version. To decide for yourself, visit Santa's Ghetto at 15 Oxford Street, London. Its exhibition features some of the world's finest underground artists.


At 3/12/06, Blogger weggis said...

"Cleaners" seem to be the current guardians of Art works. I am minded of the cleaner who "tidied up" an exhibit in the mould of Tracy's bed.

They're underpaid and under recognised!

At 4/12/06, Blogger Unknown said...

And over here. I'd love to see them prancing round the British Museum with their tickling sticks. CL's use mauve and pink ones.


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