Sunday 3 December 2006

PayPal Phish Warning

Neighbourhood Watch logoToday I received a convincing high-priority text-only email allegedly from PayPal, warning me that there had been some "unusual activity" on my account. The website contact address looks genuine: "".
However, when I highlighted this address - carefully! -, right-clicked it, selected COPY LINK and pasted it into NotePad, the real address was revealed: ""!
I forwarded the email to PayPal - - and within minutes received an automated reply stating "We can confirm that the email you received was not sent by PayPal." The PayPal reply also advises you what to do if you have already fallen for this scam. Click the title link to visit PayPal's webpage which shows you how to recognize phishing scams.


At 3/12/06, Blogger Mister Y said...

"recognize" with a Z.
How academic!!

At 3/12/06, Blogger Unknown said...

Buy yourself a decent dictionary. It can be z or s, but z is now preferred. Do you pronounce the word "ice" or "ize"? When there's a choice, I'll go with the pronunciation every time.

At 3/12/06, Blogger Mister Y said...

Yes but, No but, innit!
The original spelling was z and the Yanks still use it as they took our language from 200 years ago. We part ways with stuff [stough] that has arisen since with Truck/lorry, lift/elevator etc.
Modern English uses S. Period.
It is only intellectual snobs, who wish to show off their academic education who use z these days!
Unless you're pandering to your audience the other side of the pond??

On pronunciation I refer you to the 1950s Film where German spies are taught to pronounce Slough as Sluff!

Frank Tuffnell [Toughnell]

At 3/12/06, Blogger weggis said...

Don't you mean "I's" or "eyes"?

At 4/12/06, Blogger Unknown said...

If you're going back 200 years I'm not going to argue. Slough was spelt Fluff back then.
If you're talking about the 20th century, the oldest dictionary I have is 1964 and it was recognize then (preferred). My youngest dictionary is 1999; Z is still preferred - by everyone except you.


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