Tuesday 26 December 2006

Yoicks! Tally-ho!

Thomas Ivester-Lloyd (1873-1942) - Hunting SceneFancy doing this sidesaddle? Er ... for non-Brits (three-quarters of the population of London at a guess) I may need to point out that Boxing Day ... er ... the day after Christmas ... is traditionally when the upper crust ... er... English Upper Class ... hops into its saddles and chase foxes across what is left of our countryside. As foxes are now urban pests, due to all the discarded big macs, Kentucky fried chickens and spewed-up curries that litter our pavements, the hunt doesn't stand much chance of catching anything, but who cares? It's jumping hedges and whacking anti-hunt protestors with riding crops that's the thing. Why anyone should ban this harmless sport is beyond me, but that's the Loony Left for you. Due to the fact that hunting with dogs is now illegal, it's more popular than ever! (CLICK for BBC News.) Click the title link for Horse and Hound in Art, an arts website devoted to the hunt.


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