Sunday 25 February 2007

Martín La Spina

Martín La Spina - Giovanna Tornabuoni together with Chameleons (after Domenico Ghirlandaio)Here's a beautiful picture from the February edition of Art4heart News. It's by Argentinian artist Martín La Spina, who puts a new slant on classical paintings. The blurb by Aida Navarro Barba - art historian for the University of Barcelona - is clueless drivel and doesn't tell you anything. I assume this is digital art in the style of Worth1000. It's fun spotting the original works. You'll find Jan Van Eyck's Arnolfini Wedding Group with Darth Vador and Mrs Arnolfini! Then there's Michelangelo's Lybian Sybil, a ghostly Velázquez Las Meninas ... but why spoil your fun? Click the title link and spot your own digitally tweaked masterpieces.


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