Saturday 28 March 2009

Turner Prize Nomination

Stuckism International - The Turner Prize is Crap (2008)Tate Britain is asking for nominations for this year's Turner Prize. Click the title link to nominate an artist before the closing date of Tuesday 14 April. Your nominated artist must be British or working in Britain, aged under 50 (an unlawful demand), has held a major exhibition within the twelve months leading up to 21 April 2009 and, in your opinion, has had a major impact on contemporary British art over the past year. Now is our chance to deflect the Turner Prize from its usual tripe. Ignoring the Tate's despicable ageism, I have nominated David Shepherd CBE. He held a major exhibition at the Mall Galleries last June, David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation: Wildlife Artist of the Year 2008 and Three Generations, in which his own works were displayed beside wildlife artists from around the world who entered his competition (CLICK). He has also set up the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) to help endangered species (CLICK). He is having an impact not only on British art, but also on world art, and he's a conservationist. What better artist to choose?


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