Monday 24 August 2009

Kieron Williamson

Believe it or not, this accomplished watercolour was painted by a 6-year-old boy: Kieron Williamson. He's now 7 and a minor celebrity, having held his first art exhibition with the help of Norfolk artist Carol Ann Pennington. Click the title link to view more of his paintings. His local newspaper covered his story better than did the big dailies, which tend to go for sensationalism and to hell with the details: CLICK.


At 20/11/11, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The link is not working!

At 20/11/11, Blogger Unknown said...


Thanks for letting me know

There seems to be a problem with the last CLICK, which is getting a bit old now. It should link to the North Norfolk News, but seems to have lost its way. Try this new Tiny link:

The title link works fine. That takes you to the Daily Mail.


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