Friday, 14 August 2009

ACE Olympics Shortlist

How do the know-nothings who run Arts Council England get their lucrative jobs? Bribery? Sexual favours? Old school ties? Diplomas in bullshit? Whatever it takes, the one real qualification for the job seems to be to know absolutely nothing about art. So, it comes as no surprise to read that ACE's shortlist of 59 insane anti-art projects for the London 2012 Olympics, 12 of which will have tax-payers' money wasted on them to the tune of £5.4m, includes things like generating smoke from unused factory chimneys, ringing bells, a heated one metre iron cube and a group of three "athletically posed" 30ft hand-crocheted lions! Groan! The title of this competition, Artists Taking The Lead, should have been Philistines Taking The Lead.


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