Tuesday 18 August 2009

Banksy's Bristol Show

I expected Banksy vs Bristol Museum to be a major crowd puller (CLICK), but I didn't expect his fans to come hotfooting it from countries like Japan and Uzbekistan. So far almost 250,000 people have queued for up to four hours to see the show's inventive mixture of graffiti, paintings, animatronics and installations. I hope all those patronizing and overpaid twerps from the British Anti-art Establishment who promote crap and try to educate the common folk in its wonderfulness are taking heed of Banksy's popularity and success, achieved without a penny from Arts Council England.


At 2/9/09, Blogger The Lesser Weevil said...

Oh, how right you are! I would have loved to see the exhibition and everything I've seen shows it was better even than anyone expected. He really did spit in their eye! My youngest son used Banksy as his core subject in his A level Art!! How cool is that? (He only got a B, but I thought they'd chuck it out).

At 3/9/09, Blogger Unknown said...

Thanks for the comment. If A-level markers are accepting answers citing Banksy, he must be considered to be an accepted artist.

If your son had used Coxsoft Art News as his source of reference, he would have got an A+. I've been reporting on Banksy for a couple of years now. I've published his real name and a photo of him as well as many of his artworks. Just search for Banksy in my search box.

Latest news: his show finished last weekend and the final total of visitors was 300,000. They donated more than £45,000 towards museum funds (the show was free, donations an option). That's roughly what the museum usually takes in donations in a whole year. So the museum and the city fathers are well chuffed by the Banksy show.

At 3/12/10, Blogger Unknown said...

I visited Banksy's Bristol exhibition - twice. I usually come away from art exhibitions saying "Wow, that was great!" because I only go to those featuring artists that I know I like ;-)
I wasn't sure what to expect but was completely blown away with a sense of complete joy. I really find it hard to believe that the experience will be topped - except perhaps by more Banksy.

At 3/12/10, Blogger Unknown said...

Hi, Geoff

Thanks for your comment. I got no farther than the BBC video of the exhibition, but it looked fantastic with something for everyone. If you search for Banksy on my blog, you can relive the experience by watching the BBC video.


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